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  1. Secondary mirror for objective assembly design.
    Oleg Makarov

    For objective assembly of optical devices the first lens or mirror could be chosen depending on the purpose of unit. For example the system for long distance observation usually a paraboloid lens or mirror is very appropriate
    The second lens or mirror surface is a matter of other requirements of unit. If we have some specific requirements for a focus length , distance between the first and second optical surfaces etc coming out of optical and physical performance there will be the need to create it .
    For a job to be done there are the the different tools and methods. For example The optical design software is very powerful tool. But before using it one steel needs to create a sketch of the unit. For example ZEMAX is a program which can model, analyze, and assist in the design of optical systems. Although the program will do many things to assist you in designing and analyzing optical systems, you are still the designer. Hence the first steps of creation is still should be done with a designer.
    In this article we describe the very simple method of finding out the second mirror surface type for the two mirrors system based on optical properties of second order curves (surfaces).

    To see the article visit FTP server ftp://ftp.sonic.net/pub/users/olegmakarov/

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